Gypsy moth life cycleProject Category: Emission Reduction

Project Description:

The Community Moth-Up is an event and communications campaign to raise awareness about the European Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) which is invasive to this region. There will be Community Moth-Up events throughout the summer and fall where small groups will be instructed to remove gypsy moth egg masses on trees in parks and ESAs across London. 

In addition to this friendly competition, the Community Moth-Up aims to educate Londoners about the gypsy moth through a communications campaign, including printed and digital ads. This project aims to educate Londoners and empower them to take hold of the gypsy moth invasion, which has been destroying native trees like the Oak. By saving trees and supporting additional tree planting in the community, the Community Moth-Up will help to keep London's urban forest healthy, thereby sequestering carbon emissions in the local area.

How to Support this Project:

  • Learn more about the European Gypsy Moth and what the City of London is doing to manage this invasive species here.
  • Watch this video by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority to learn how to remove gypsy moth egg masses in your neighbourhood:

Gypsy moth lifecycle infographic from City of London.