Cigarette butts account for 1 in 5 pieces of litter found at cleanups. 

The Butt Blitz is a national action-oriented campaign hosted by A Greener Future. The campaign is focused on raising public awareness about cigarette litter, while simultaneously removing as much of it from the environment as possible. During the Butt Blitz, volunteers from across Canada pick up cigarette butts in their local communities, then send them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling.

The London Environmental Network is excited to be hosting a local Butt Blitz team of volunteers this year! We hope to prevent future littering by raising awareness of the negative impacts that cigarette butt litter has on ecosystems and health. As part of the Canada-wide event, our goal is to collect 1,000,000 butts from the environment to be sent for recycling.

Get Involved

We are seeking volunteers to participate individually or as a team for the Butt Blitz from April 1st-30th, 2023! 

To register, please complete the following form: 2023 Butt Blitz Volunteer Registration

When collecting, please follow these steps:

  1. When first collecting butts, find as many key locations ("hot spots") as possible within your community (bus stops, parking lots, shopping centers, drive thrus, grocery stores, hospitals, trails, parks, melted snow banks etc.)

  2. Find an old container and count each butt you pick up the first time you fill it - once you have this total, just add up your total based on how many times you fill your container - no need to count every single cigarette butt

  3. Use a grocery bag, ziploc bag, or other sealable bag to store your collected cigarette butts when your container is full until the end of the month

  4. One of our team members will be available throughout the month of April to replace materials or collect stored cigarette butts that have been picked up - please reach out if you don't have a good place to store them until the end of the month and we will be happy to pick them up any time. ([email protected])


Be sure to also check out London Clean & Green for other cleanups happening in April! Click on the logo for more details: