Buckthorn Bust at Meadowlily Nature Preserve

Join Thames Talbot Land Trust for a Buckthorn Bust! What is a Buckthorn Bust, you ask?

Buckthorn is a non-native invasive species that forms extensive thickets out-competing native plants and altering soil chemistry. We need to bust them out of Meadowlily Nature Preserve! How will you know which one of the plants is a buckthorn? By November our native trees and shrubs have dropped their leaves or the leaves have turned yellow/orange/red. Buckthorn keeps glossy dark green leaves well into November. TTLT volunteers will be more than happy to help you with identification so feel free to ask questions.

The event will include taking down some large buckthorns using loppers and saws (includes spraying stumps with herbicide) but also pulling out young seedlings by hand. Help us create space for native species to flourish! TTLT will provide gloves and tools. Bring your muscles, water, snacks and your best moves!

To join us please email Daria Koscinski at: daria.koscinski@ttlt.ca

You can also RSVP on the Thames Talbot Land Trust website here. 

November 09, 2019 at 10am - 1pm
Meadowlily Nature Preserve
17 Meadowlily Rd S
London, ON N6M 1C3
Google map and directions

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