Did you know that London, Ontario is one of the first bird-friendly cities in all of Canada? London is a part of the Carolinian Canada region, also known as the 'banana belt,' which has the most species biodiversity in Canada. With the Northern Cardinal as the official City Bird, London is home to a diverse bird population. Unfortunately, bird species like the Chimney Swift, Bank Swallow and Grasshopper Sparrow are at risk. Here are some ways Londoners can help protect our local birds and keep these species flourishing! 

Northern cardinal in the winter

Photo of Northern Cardinal by Adrienne Legault


1) Prevent Glass Collisions 

An estimated 25 million birds die yearly in Canada due to collisions with windows on residential and commercial properties. To prevent this, make sure to place bird feeders and baths away from windows. Additionally, adding window screens or specialized markers onto the glass can also help prevent collisions. 

Photo of LEN community member putting up markers by LEN


2) Be A Bird-Friendly Shopper

Reducing your environmental footprint by being mindful of your consumption and making environmental-friendly choices helps all wildlife. Avoid waste, buy locally grown food, and choose organic! 

Specifically for birds - you can buy bird friendly coffee, bird beer that supports London's bird team and avoid using fake spiderwebs for Halloween. 

green metal shopping cart on green grass field during daytime

Green Metal Shopping Cart by Zachary Zeimig


3) Say No to Pesticides 

Avoid the use of toxic pesticides. Common pesticides, such as neonicotinoids, are often lethal to birds and the insects they eat. As well, many pesticides can damage a bird's reproduction. 

man in white t-shirt and blue denim shorts with blue backpack walking on green grass

Man Spraying Pesticides by Arjun MJ


4) Create Bird Habitats 

Creating native bird habitats can help combat the habitat loss that many common and rare bird species currently face. One way you can help out is to grow native plants in your yard, which can cultivate bird-friendly habitats.

two eggs in bird nest

Two Eggs in a Bird Nest by Landon Martin


5) Cat Owner? Be Responsible

Sadly, our fuzzy companions kill approximately 100 million annually in Canada. The best way to help protect local wildlife and your cats' health is to keep them inside, or on a leash and supervised if outside. 

gray tabby kitten on tree

Gray Tabby Kitten on Tree by Koen Eijkelenboom


6) Stay Informed!

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