The Youth Leader Award for 2022 has been awarded to Cogia Cogan. This award recognizes an individual (25 & under) that demonstrates environmental leadership and a commitment to sustainability in their personal lives. 

Cogie received the Youth Leader Award for their involvement in the local community and work on various national committees. Cogie founded the Western Environmental Business (WEB) club, which teaches students about how business leaders can practice environmental sustainability. They served on the Youth Advisory Council for Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and they were the Huron Sustainability Commissioner and an Ocean Bridge Ambassador. In these roles Cogie worked on projects supporting Indigenous land knowledge and waterway conservation. Cogie has also traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to attend the United Nations Environment Assembly.

Cogie’s sustainability journey began in high school when they attended the International Climate Strike. Seeing hundreds of students laid down on the steps of the Canadian Human Rights Building to signify the death that threatens today’s youth due to climate change was inspiring to Cogie. Soon after this strike, Cogie moved to London to further their education with a goal “to make my small corner of the world a little more sustainable.” Their mindset is that if everyone does their part, it all adds up to make a difference.

Currently, Cogie is working part-time as a Climate Change Business Analyst for Royal Bank of Canada while completing their education, and there’s no limit to Cogie’s achievements. They will be applying for a Masters in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law with plans to focus their next big project on animal welfare or food sovereignty.  “I am taking time to reflect on how I can be more sustainable in my everyday life, and I hope to get more involved in hands-on environmental work whether it be tree planting, farming, or working on an animal sanctuary.” 

Our network is excited to see where Cogie goes next. Congratulations!