The Youth Leader Award for 2022 has been awarded to Allison Pert. This award recognizes an individual (25 & under) that demonstrates environmental leadership and a commitment to sustainability in their personal lives. 

Allison was nominated by fellow student leaders and selected because of  her involvement in the Western Sustainable Leaders Program. She has helped to guide and plan many events on Western’s campus such as teaching students to save seeds, garden pollinator plants, and collaborate with local leaders to demonstrate how sustainability integrates everywhere. As Allison explains, “I work amongst amazing, passionate environmental stewards who do fantastic work in advocating for environmental sustainability.” Through this program Allison has taken part in various initiatives and developed a passion for sustainability, including coordinating for London Bug day, a day with various events to educate children and adolescents about the role of bugs in environmental health. 

Allison became inspired by stories of environmental recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, which opened her and many other people’s eyes to the impact human activities have on the environment. She hopes that other young people like herself will recognize this and join in a new age of sustainability. Allison is excited to dive into different branches of sustainability that she has not experienced yet such as sustainable urban development, social impacts of climate change, Indigenous knowledge, research in environmental science, and many more. 

Receiving this award was important to  Allison and explains that “youth leaders in sustainability are really pioneering new-age sustainability! Being recognized, commended, and even inspired by other youth leaders, is the kind of incentive necessary to bring aspiring youth leaders up to the podium.”  In her personal life, Allison takes action by limiting waste, using reusable items, and sharing tips and tricks with family and friends to best implement sustainability practice in their lives.

Congratulations Allison!