Upcoming Workshops:

Engagement Organizing Series with the Canadian Freshwater Alliance 

This 3-part workshop series will focus on how to deepen engagement of your supporters, how to on board and support new volunteers, identifying opportunities to advance grassroots fundraising, and on deepening impact as an organization as you work to advance your mission. Take one workshop or all three! Limited space available!


Volunteers allow organizations to exponentially expand their impact.  But how do you make sure volunteer resources are organized to accomplish this?

This workshop will explore specific aspects of engagement planning, including: 

  • recruitment of diverse supporters and volunteers
  • advancing volunteer opportunities
  • getting systems and tools to manage increased engagement, and 
  • establishing protocols to volunteer-led engagement. 

The session will spend time working through models that maximize the number of volunteers your organization can handle.

Participants will leave with:

  • A refined or new volunteer engagement strategy;
  • Recommendations on tools and systems to support heightened engagement activities; and
  • Completed volunteer protocols assessment


This full day workshop will be delivered in two modules as follows:

Evaluating Your Engagement and Volunteer Programs (Morning Module 10-12:30)

Be sure your engagement, communications and volunteer programs are designed to advance the fulfillment of your mission. In this workshop we will explore the concept of a Theory of Change - a concept that defines how your organization or group believes you will achieve the change you want to see in the world. 

Understanding your organization’s Theory of Change will help you design evaluation programs that will tell you if they are contributing towards the realization of your visions.  Using a tool called impact mapping, this ½ day workshop will unpack how an engagement-based theory of change can support deeper impact towards achieving your organization’s mission.  

Participants will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of their groups implicit and explicit theories of change;
  • A template for developing their organization’s road map (or strategy) on how engagement programs can help realize ultimate impacts; and
  • A series of evaluation questions designed to assess whether engagement programs are having their desired impacts.  

Grassroots Fundraising (Afternoon module 1:30-4)

This afternoon session will coach participants through the outline of a grassroots fundraising model exploring opportunities for individual and/or small business donations. The session is a great resource for any group that needs to develop new donor programs.  

Topics to be discussed include: 

  • mapping revenue scenarios
  • identifying priority contacts (prospect mapping), and 
  • practicing our asks.

Participants will leave with:

  • The start of a tailored grassroots fundraising plan; and
  • A customizable annual 1-page fundraising strategy.

Past Workshops

Coming Together: Working Towards a Common Goal | Photos


This workshop will support participants in identifying and crafting messages that are designed to engage your supporter base. By focusing on specific audiences (for example, prospective volunteers, prospective funders, community supporters/partners) participants will spend time identifying core values, messengers and messages. The session will include an exploration of platforms and how messages are tailored for specific platforms (ie. social media, websites, emails, face to face).

Participants will leave with:

  • Tools to develop audience profiles with a clear vision on who priority audiences are;
  • A methodology for developing communications that drive engagement; and
  • Identified priority communications channels (email, website, print communications, social media) and approaches to get messages better heard.


Member organizations of the London Environmental Network have access to exclusive training workshops throughout the year. 

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