When June 29, 2022 at 6:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Join us at the Reimagine Space to explore why a Right to Repair matters for our things, ourselves, and our world; and its impediments.

About this event

Everything breaks, deteriorates, and falls apart eventually. This is not a condemnation, a failure, or a fluke but rather a simple, inescapable fact of existence. Within cycles of creation and destruction, repair is nestled like a dormant little balloon – if we breathe life into it, we can expand and prolong the cycle, keep things aloft a little longer and, perhaps, make the landings a little gentler.

Repair is a response to, an effort to resist, and possibly even reverse (for a time) the ineluctable gravity of breakdown.

But our ability to engage in repair work is increasingly under threat.

This talk will identify and discuss contemporary impediments to repair and the “right to repair” movement that has emerged in response. Drawing also upon repair stories gathered through qualitative interviews, this talk will illustrate why the right to repair is critical for our things, for ourselves, and for our world.


Limited parking in front of the building or use the City parking lot in between Reimagine and Richmond Row - free parking for 2 hours when you use the promo code “CORE” on the Honk Mobile app.

Masks highly encouraged.

Meet the Presenter:

Alissa Centivany (Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University)

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