When January 24, 2023 at 11:00am 1 hr
Where Online Event (Zoom)
The Walkable City. Guest: Jeff Speck, renowned author & consultant
'Arguably the most influential living author in city planning, Jeff Speck was the writer behind Suburban Nation, The Smart Growth Manual, and Walkable City Rules, but his most popular book remains Walkable City, which was published in 2012 and became an instant classic. Last Month, the book was reissued on its tenth anniversary, including a lively introduction from Janette Sadik-Khan and 100 pages of new text that brings it firmly into the 2020s.

Join Jeff for a quick review of the four steps of walkability followed by a taste of his new material (Uber-bashing, anyone?) and a conversation with Gil and the audience.'
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Cities for Everyone with Gil (formerly A Walk in the Park with Gil) is a bi-weekly webinar series which focuses on creating affordable, equitable, and sustainable cities.

It always has fascinating guests do a 20-25 minute presentation, a story with lots of images, and then he has a dialogue with them and takes questions from participants.

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