Webinar: Making space for physical distancing in Ontario

The Share the Road Cycling Coalition and The Centre for Active Transportation invite you to join a conversation on Wednesday, April 22 @ 3pm about making space for physical distancing in Ontario.

Participants will hear from Dr. Anne Harris, an epidemiologist from Ryerson University who recently co-wrote a letter of support for rebalancing streets and making more space for sidewalks and for cycling. Representatives from Brampton, including Councillor Rowena Santos, will also be sharing insights from the street rebalancing initiative currently underway there - one of the first in Ontario. Lastly, participants will be invited to participate in an initiative to co-develop a set of key questions for planners and advocates to use while rebalancing streets.

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Event image and Description via Share the Road Cycling Coalition

April 22, 2020 at 3pm - 4pm

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