For many, stopping by a café or coffee house to pick up a drink is part of our daily routines. Unfortunately, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, many of our routines have changed, including our trips to the café. Throughout the pandemic, reusable cups were often rejected due to health concerns. However, the tides are slowly turning, and many local and chain cafes in London are now refilling travel mugs again. Here are a few that are willing to refill your travel mug! 

Tips for use:

  1. Make sure you ask for your drink in your mug before you complete your order, so they don't get started on your drink order in a single use cup
  2. Ensure mug lid is off, and the inside of the mug is clean and empty
  3. Say thanks to the worker!

These extra steps may seem like an annoyance, especially if you are in a rush. However, the benefits of using a reusable cup far outweigh the hassles. 

assorted-color disposable cup lot

Assorted-color disposable cups by Jasmine Sessler

1) Reusable cups are better for the environment

Disposable cups often don't get adequately recycled and end up in landfills. As well, many disposable cups aren't even recyclable. Even many cardboard disposable cups are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, and this plastic cannot be separated from the cardboard. Reusable cups are more sustainable and will reduce your waste!

eight white and blue plastic cups

Eight white and blue plastic cups by Yue Iris

2) Reusable cups are better for your health

The plastic lids that come with reusable cups are often made of plastic #6. This type of plastic is a polystyrene which leeches into your coffee. Styrene is a type of carcinogen, so best to avoid! Additionally, paper cups are unfortunately not much safer. The glue inside can break down and release melamine, which is harmful to consume

green plant on brown round coins

Green plant on brown round coins by Visual Stories || Micheile

3) Reusable cups can save you money! 

Many cafés and coffee houses give you a discount off your drinks if you bring in your own cups. Many larger café chains like Starbucks do this, and many local cafés have adopted similar schemes.  

Are we missing any local coffee shops from our list? Email [email protected] to suggest others to add to the list.

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