In our second episode on Deshkan Ziibi, or the Thames River, we look at the river's health from a personal perspective. What effect can individuals have on water health?

First we hear from Barry Orr, sewer outreach and control inspector for the City of London. Barry explains how London's sewer and water treatment systems work, and dishes the dirt on Londoners' good and bad flushing habits.

Then we have a conversation with Indigenous educator Wahsayzee Deleary, in which Wahsayzee and Molly discuss the importance of building personal relationships with water and the river, through education, connection and prayer.

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Barry Orr Barry Orr, Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector for the City of London
Wahsayzee Deleary Wahsayzee Deleary (Anishinaabe), Oneida Nation, Indigenous Water Educator
Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Holding Tank Water Treatment Holding Tank
Sewer Grate Water Sewer Grate
Fishing in the Antler/Thames River Fishing in the Antler/Thames River

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