When June 10, 2021 at 6:15pm 2 hrs
Where Online Event Ottawa, ON, Canada

Solar energy is a relatively new technology and is still evolving. Solar panels used to only last 15 years can now last for upwards of 30. While home prices go up, homeowners are looking for ways to minimize their monthly expenses. Solar energy is just that, one of the most inexpensive and plentiful forms of energy on the planet. Where is the technology going and how might it alter our built landscape? What is standing in the way of a more widespread adoption of the technology in our own backyards? How can you make solar work for you with DIY installation at home or the cottage? Our two presenters at Green Drinks June will detail all that and more for: The Future of PV & DIY Solar

Roderick Costain, Founder of Roco Industries will detail the trajectory of solar energy. Where has the technology been and where is it going? Roderick will dive deep into the innovation side of things and show how with increased efficiency and decreased costs, PV is pushing out all other energy competitors. He will outline where the technology is going, detailing how different industries will be adopting PV into their offerings. What will that mean for workers' skill sets and how might that change our buildings? As we push to renovate older homes, how will solar play a part in our “build back better”? We are entering a new phase of PV evolution, and that is into the arena of integrated technology and integrated products. Roderick will detail all that and also give a glimpse of his new product which is just coming to market, SparClad Solar Siding offered exclusively through Roco Industries.

After Roderick we have Kelvin Hodges, solar advocate, green energy entrepreneur, and off grid catalyst who pioneered lithium energy storage for off grid living years ago. Kelvin is also founder of Bobolink Solar, a local company which has helped many homeowners go solar. His presentation will offer an up to the minute description of what you need for off grid and where the technology will be going in the years ahead. He will detail the best way to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) you own solar installation at home or the cottage. He will show some off grid options and also run down battery storage for those that want to be grid resilient. Kelvin has been innovating in solar and off grid storage for some years and will share some of his best nuggets in this presentation.

Following each presentation we will have time for an in-depth Q & A with each of our panelists. If time permits we will have a general discussion about the future of solar energy at the end of the event.

Speaker Bios:

Roderick Costain founded RoCo Industries with his wife Angelina to solve a problem. The problem was that not all rooftops can fit solar and that some homes are just not designed for rooftop PV. Other products on the market are too expensive and this limits adoption of green energy solutions. That’s when they set out to develop a new type of solar panel that is both affordable and architecturally integrated. Leveraging his background in construction and science, Roderick invented technology and designed SparClad, a 2 in 1 solar siding product that insulates the wall while generating electricity for net-zero building performance. Whether a new building or a renovation, SparClad replaces a portion of the regular siding materials to result in architecturally integrated installations that improve energy efficiency, energy self-sufficiency and resilience.

Kelvin Hodges, solar advocate, green energy entrepreneur and off grid catalyst, opened BobolinkSolar in 2017 to do market research into solar adoption. His mandate includes implementation of lithium storage systems, off grid solar system design and developing community participation. A recent grad of EcoFUEL, Quebec's green energy accelerator program, he is a high level resource available for the to-market renewable energy business. Kelvin founded Bobolink with his wife Sue and both are committed to a greener future. The company is named after the Bobolink bird which flies from South America. Once an endangered species today they are returning in droves thanks to delaying the farmers' harvests. Proof a tiny behavioral change can have a huge impact. Kelvin has helped countless homeowners go solar by mystifying the process and giving step by step guidance to the installation process.

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