When January 21, 2021 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Where Online Event

Climate Change: We CAN change climate change. A 4 Part Series. Hear from live speakers, and participate in breakout sessions.

Count Us In is a series which includes attending all 4 virtual events with local speakers and breakout sessions that ALL related to the world climate crisis.

During these events, we will explore how we CAN change climate change .

The first virtual event, Communities CAN change Climate Change will be January 21 (6-9pm).

The 2nd virtual event: Businesses CAN change Climate Change will be February 25th (6-9pm).

The 3rd virtual event in March (date/time TBC) discusses how Governments CAN change Climate Change.

Followed by a What's Next event (possibly hybrid) in June 2021


January 21st Community theme Speakers:

Rebecca Aird, Director, Community Engagement, Ottawa Community Foundation. What if the tragedy is not that we are so far from a desirable future, but that we are so close?

Faris Ahmed, Independent researcher and consultant in sustainable food systems, biodiversity and climate change.Biting Back Climate Change: Can we eat our way out of climate change? Or do we need to bite back the system that created it?

Erin Kennedy, CEO and Technical Founder, Robot Missions. Building a better future with environmental robotics.


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