Soil Science for the Backyard Gardener

Two time slots:

Thurs. May 17, 12pm-1pm

Thurs. May 17, 1pm-2pm

Have you ever wondered about why tomatoes or onions never successfully grow in your backyard garden? Do you love the smell of the earth after a rain storm and have always wondered why? What is so great about compost?

Come get all the dirt about soil! Join Dr. Jen McDonald as she talks about how soil is defined and what it’s composed of, how to make the most of your soil type in a backyard garden, basic soil chemistry and how it affects plants, and the dark side of dirt: the critters and wee beasties that are trying to sabotage your plants for their own survival. We’ll also talk about soil additives and how they impact soil health.

Dr. Jen McDonald has been studying microscopic fungi and giving lectures for over a decade. She now teaches at Fanshawe and was recently named one of Science Borealis’ “100 Voices” in science communication!

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May 17, 2018 at 12pm - 1pm
Fanshawe College

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