Where History Meets the Future

When you enter the building, there’s an immediate sense of something special, hidden beyond sight, an afterimage of history sleeping in the warm scent of pine, swaddled in the energetic potential of change on the horizon.

Here the intersection of past and future is rising in the old Novacks building where a bustling community of volunteers and community animators work to create a space where ideas around waste and consumption can flourish, and a community can form.

ReImagine Co

A Grassroots Movement

What is Reimagine Co?

When I sat down with the leadership team, they explained that it’s difficult to define something so new and special. But several core objectives and themes soon shone through:

“When we came into the space we asked, ‘what could this space be?’ Demonstrations of zero waste living, [yes].. but what could it be in terms of community?”

An eclectic and talented group, the Reimagine team includes a planetary geologist, an architect, an entrepreneur, a community animator, and a number of artists and sustainability enthusiasts from the community. The circle of support extends well beyond the core team.

“We sent out word on painting this new space over Facebook and twenty people volunteered...there’s something very real, organic, and human about this.

Waste Free Items

Making Waste-free Living Feasible and Fun

Within the space, there are products supporting zero waste living such as reusable produce bags, stainless steel containers, metal straws, takeout coffee cups, water bottles, utensils, as well as products that can be difficult to acquire in large quantities like shampoo and castille soap.  

But Reimagine isn’t just about living sustainably, it’s about being a welcoming community space centered around creating art and sharing ideas. To that end, the Art Hive, a collective of passionate art enthusiasts, are operating within the space to offer community members opportunities to create and to “produce belonging and use upcycled materials to produce art full of meaning and feeling.”

Metal Straws

Within Reimagine you can experience ecstatic dance, mindfulness meditation, yoga, food and demonstrations, as well as workshops around the core mission of “living a “more sustainable lifestyle.” Some of the workshops you will find at Reimagine include:


Art Hive 101 - August 2nd

Zero Waste 101 - August 9th

Zero Waste Community Picnic (Victoria Park) - August 15th

DIY beeswax wraps - August 23rd

Composting 101 - August 30th


On Saturday July 28th at from 10:00 AM to 5PM, Reimagine Co will be hosting its grand opening, located at 211 King St. Visit the Reimagine Co Facebook page for more information, and to follow along as the community continues to grow.


- Article written by Ben Switzer, London Environmental Network's Content Specialist