When September 12, 2020 at 6:00am 18 hrs

Out for the Count is our first ever BioBlitz fundraiser. Help us collect valuable species data while raising funds for nature! Anyone can participate, from complete beginners to seasoned experts.

Click here to learn more about the BioBlitz Fundraiser on Thames Talbot Land Trust's website, or continue reading & follow the links below!

What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is a community-driven science project to record as many species as possible in a given place, usually in a single day. Think of it as creating a snapshot of biodiversity. It's a great way to connect with nature while collecting important and useful data that helps us assess the health of habitats and figure out how best to steward the nature reserves under our care.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Register your team

A team can include up to 4 adults and unlimited kids (aged 14 and under). Register your team here - you'll need a team name, a team captain, a team category (see below) and a list of team members.

Step 2 - Collect pledges

Collect pledges from friends, family, and coworkers. Share this link with your supporters so they can donate online, or collect cash and cheques using this pledge form.

You can collect pledges at a flat rate or a per-species rate for an extra challenge!

Step 3 - Get Out for the Count!

The main event day takes place on Saturday September 12th, 6am to midnight. In your team, find and record species in your local natural area or at any of the 13 listed TTLT properties. Record as many species as you can - plants, birds, amphibians, fungi, insects - whatever you can find and ID. Afterwards, submit your observations and pledges to us.

Collecting and Submitting Data

Collect your data either by using the excel form (click here to download) or through iNaturalist. If using iNaturalist, go to "Projects" and search for "Out for the Count," then join it. All observations submitted on the day of the BioBlitz will automatically be recorded towards the project.

However you collect your data, you'll need to compile the lists from everyone on your team and submit a team data summary to TTLT using this form.

Team Categories

Your team can register under one of three categories:

Competitive: you have serious or professional naturalists on your team and you want to get really competitive

Recreational: you know a little about nature but you really want to have fun rather than be super competitive

Family: your team members are all beginners and you need some help and resources to get started with finding and IDing species

Awards and Prizes

There are 5 awards available:

1. Most observations in the competitive category (team award and prize)

2. Most observations in the recreational category (team award and prize)

3. Most observations in the family category (team award and prize)

4. Top fundraising team (team award and prize)

5. Best photo, to be judged by photographer Antony Chodas (individual award and prize)


Friday August 7th to September 4th - registration open

Friday September 11th, 6pm - launch event via Zoom

Saturday September 12th, 6am to midnight - the big BioBlitz day - get Out for the Count!

Sunday September 13th - teams compile and submit their data and get their pledges in

Tuesday September 15th, 6pm - wrap up event and awards via Zoom

Event image and description via Thames Talbot Land Trust.