The London Environmental Network seeks to support local Indigenous-led environmental organizations, like the Mohawk Seedkeeper School of Six nations of the Grand River Territory, who uses a passive thermal natural building to teach traditional, Indigenous growing, harvesting, storing and preparation of food to local children.

Thanks to some generous in-kind and financial donations, we were able to provide clothing kits for the 7 children attending the school in the summer of 2021. The kits have organic and recycled garments and wooden and recycled toys. We were also able to provide rechargeable, electric lawn mower and weedwhacker, and an outdoor grill and accessories for outdoor lunch preparation, and adult and childs size wheelbarrows, as requested.

Learn more about the Mohawk Seedkeepers School Support Project below!

Mohawk Seedkeepers School Summary Graphic

A message from the Mohawk Seedkeepers School:

"We are very thankful to the people at London’s Environmental Network, Modern Rascals Clothing and their on-line supporters! ! In light of the discovery of the indigenous children’s unmarked burials this group of Canadians showed their support to our school by making some amazing donations of much needed items. We received sun suits and rain suits for each of our students and electric mowers, grass trimmer, bbq , 2 wheelbarrows and smaller items to help make our day at the garden a little easier both on humans and the earth. Many thanks Marianne Griffith for your efforts coordinating this surprise and support for Indigenous Land Relations Learning!"  - Terrylynn Brant

To learn more about the Mohawk Seedkeepers School, visit