Middlesex London Food Policy Council



The Middlesex London Food Policy Council will:

  • Be a forum for discussing local food issues.
  • Empower citizens to be involved in food system decisions.
  • Foster coordination between sectors in the food system.
  • Create, evaluate and influence policy.
  • Support programs and services that address local needs.

Organizational Objectives


To facilitate and support a safe, healthy and accessible local food system that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.


  • Advocate – Identify policy changes which support goals and advocate for their implementation.
  • Communicate – Engage with the community on relevant and timely issues through the sharing of information and involvement in working groups.
  • Coordinate – Identify and prioritize emerging issues, opportunities and needs in the Middlesex London food system and support the creation and implementation of initiatives.
  • Educate – Provide evidence-based research and the most current knowledge on local food systems issues.
  • Evaluate – Establish benchmarks and targets for achievement of mission/goals and monitor and report on progress of implementation.
  • Leverage – Align and seek community resources to support the mission and goals of the Food Policy Council.
  • Research – To facilitate, or conduct research on emerging local food system priorities where information gaps exist.
  • Network – Build new partnerships and facilitate networking between existing and emerging food system stakeholders in Middlesex London.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Outreach
  • Be an Expert / Skill Sharing

Volunteer Coordinator

Ellen Lakusiak
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Contact Us

Middlesex London Food Policy Council
 (519) 663-5317 ext. 2694

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