The London Urban Beekeepers Collective is dedicated to learning about bees and beekeeping, and to providing public education about bees and their role in the ecosystem as we involve ourselves in political advocacy on behalf of the bees. We are committed to promoting the flourishing of both honey bees and native bees in our city.

Organizational Objectives

The London Urban Beekeepers Collective will be responsible for the establishment and care of shared hives throughout London as well promoting pollinator pathways across the city. We believe that—through education, programming, and advocacy—better awareness of bees and their role in the broader ecosystem will help build a stronger, more sustainable, and resilient city. Bees and beekeeping are integral and complementary to the City’s Urban Agriculture Strategy. Additionally, bee-related programming provides opportunities for communities across London to connect in the shared cause of building a better city through urban agriculture.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Outreach

Contact Us

London Urban Beekeepers Collective
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