London is developing a Mobility Master Plan to improve our streets, sidewalks, cycling infrastructure, transit routes and paths. A spark in conversation about London’s Mobility Master Plan is underway. London is determined to create a 25 year plan to prioritize transportation and mobility infrastructure and improve their programs and policies. Now is the time to speak up about your hopes and concerns for mobility across London!

Your mobility experience will be shared with the City of London to help create a Mobility Master Plan focused on individual community members experience. Click here to share your mobility experience.

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Right now the Mobility Master Plan is at Phase 1. The current goal is to establish a shared vision and understand the needs of London’s community. Upcoming movement towards Phase 2 will explore mobility solutions and make connections. By this spring, Phase 3 will confirm and refine a path forward to carry out London’s Mobility Master Plan. 

The Mobility Master Plan is focused on this draft vision: By 2050, Londoners of all identities, abilities and means will have viable mobility options to allow them to move throughout the city safely and efficiently. The movement of people and goods will be environmentally sustainable, affordable, and supportive of economic growth and development”. 

Three cyclists are riding on a bike path, headed towards the camera.The Mobility Master Plan is crucial to developing environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation options in urban areas. London community members require transportation to access everyday needs like work, school, grocery stores, and healthcare services. When transportation is not affordable, safe, and accessible, it puts community members at risk of their everyday needs. 

Moving forward the Mobility Master Plan will include these key goals: environmentally sustainable, financially sustainable, equitable, healthy and safe, integrated, connected and efficient. These goals can be met with steps towards environmental sustainability and equitable transportation options. Examples include affordable mobility and infrastructure for current and future generations, and recognizing diverse mobile needs and how they require equitable decisions to make a city mobile. 

The members of London Environmental Network are focused on making sustainable transportation a reality. Members contributing to sustainable transportation are Big Bike Giveaway, CAN Bike London, London Cycle Link, and the London Electric Vehicle Association.


Written by Elle Richardson, Content Creator & Social Justice & Peace Studies at King's Placement Student with the London Environmental Network