With summer in full bloom, many of us are planning vacations, enjoying the nice weather outside, or staying in to stay cool. However, among the travelling, barbeques, and trips to the beach, it is important to be mindful of the changing climate and ways we can positively impact the environment. Here are some easy tips to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the summer sunshine!


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Browned framed sunglasses on map by GeoJango Maps

Eco-friendly travelling and vacation options

During the summertime, travelling and road trips are on everybody's mind. However, depending on your mode of transportation and the places you'll be staying at, your carbon footprint may greatly increase. Don't worry though, here are some suggestions to help combat this!

1. If you are going on a road trip, consider renting more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly cars. Additionally, reduce the amount of time using a car. 

2. When vacationing, consider staying at eco-friendly resorts or hotels. As well, when exploring the local sights try to walk, bike, or take public transportation. 

3. Have a 'stay-cation!' Looking to take some time to rewind and rejuvenate but also save on gas, transportation and hotels? Consider enjoying a vacation in the comfort of your own home. It can be just as enjoyable while also reducing your carbon emissions.  


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White 5-blade exhaust fan by Sameerah Munshi

Staying cool in the heat 

With the rising global temperature the summer months have become increasingly hotter. We are all quick to turn on our air conditioners and blast our fans. However, there are other ways to stay cool that put less stress on the environment.

1. There are many little changes you can make around the house to help stay cool. Purchase black-out curtains to block out the sun and heat, and make sure to close windows if the temperature outside is warmer than inside. As well, wear light and flowy fabrics that breathe easily and don't trap heat in. 

2. It's easy to want to crank the air conditioning after coming inside from the heat or finishing a home workout. Try lowering the AC a few notches less than you usually would, our bodies acclimate quickly and you'll be spending less energy.

3. A sip of cold water can really do the trick in cooling us down from the blazing heat. Make sure to purchase reusable water bottles rather than single-use plastic bottles, it is important to stay hydrated so lets make sure we're reducing our use of single-use plastic while doing so!


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Patio Umbrellas by Diane Walton

Be green at the beach

With the Great Lakes close by, Londoners love to enjoy a lot of their summer relaxing at the beach. Unfortunately, more than 22 million pounds of plastic pollution end up in the Great Lakes every year. We all love the beach, so here is how you can keep it clean while you visit. 

1. Don't carry your items in plastic bags. It's easy to want to put wet bathing suits and sandy flip-flops into plastic bags but trying bringing a separate tote-bag that can be easily washed.

2. We love bringing tasty snacks to the beach. Consider bringing cloth napkins over paper napkins, and using reusable containers to store food. 

3. Many people are not aware of this but you can actually purchase biodegradable beach toys! No longer do you need to worry about plastic shovels and buckets polluting the sand and water for hundreds of years to come. 


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