Recognizes a member who has implemented project(s) at their facility that are inspirational, educational, effective (or all of the above) that relates to reducing the environmental impacts of their organization.

Bluestone Properties

They implemented a Organics Recycling Program at their Dufferin Corporate Centre. With a heightened focus on energy conservation and efficiency across their residential and commercial properties, they have successfully implemented initiatives aimed at reducing electricity and gas consumption, optimizing operations, and integrating cutting-edge energy-saving technologies. They have also rolled out an Environmental Policy, completed their first GHG reporting. certified 5 building with Energy Star, won the Energy Star Canada Award for 600 Proudfoot Lane. They also sponsored Reforest London for a tree planting event and supported the LOLA Bee Hives.

Play Away Indoor Park

Acquired 3 e-bikes to loan to employees for active and sustainable transport . Implemented a new water fountain with a refillable bottle station. They upgraded their kitchen with a commercial dishwasher to eliminate the lifecycle of single use products in our facility; staff already report at least a 50% reduction in waste. They replaced single use items with vintage mugs, metal cutlery and wheat straw plates and cups. They created two pollinator gardens at the front of their building and maintained their vegetable garden. They acquired two rain barrels to divert water away from the building into the gardens. They implemented new thermostats for induction heaters for better temperature control and to turn off completely when not needed. They continue to turn off arcade breakers at night. Also, they continue to use cigarette butt boxes. And, they will be implementing an owl box.

The Ice Box

With the support of the London Environment Network, they implemented a battery system for our ice cream truck. Now they have the capacity to operate the truck with no need for a generator when idle. This has eliminated idle time on the ice cream truck's diesel engine and removed the need for a small gas generator. Also their food waste is minimal and their packaging is all paper-based so any waste is the least harmful.

MTE Consultants

Company-Wide E-waste Drive | January 2024

For the second consecutive year, their Green Team spearheaded a two-week e-waste drive. Employees were encouraged to bring in electronic items from their homes. At the end of the drive, the Electronics Recycling Association (ERA), a non-profit organization focused on reducing electronic waste, came to pick up the items. This initiative wasn’t limited to our London office, but extended companywide, resulting in the proper disposal of over 300 items.

Waste Audit, Green Project Support | March 28, 2023

After receiving Green Project Support, they arranged for a waste audit conducted by Waste Solutions Canada. The audit provided valuable insights into their current waste management system and created opportunities for further enhancements. The results revealed that our diversion rate was approximately 80%. Within their waste-to-landfill stream, it was observed that around 50% had the potential to be diverted, and 10% could be diverted through existing channels in the office. Notably, paper and coffee cups comprised the bulk of the 10%. In response to this, they took deliberate actions. They phased out disposable coffee cups entirely, transitioning to reusable options, and ensured staff were educated about disposal practices. Recognizing that roughly 30% of the materials in the landfill stream were compostable, we proposed and implemented a paid compost service. Since July, their efforts have diverted over 1,500 L of organic waste.

Plant Appreciation Day | April 13, 2023

To mark International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13, the Green Team organized a plant repotting event. They lovingly repotted 25 office plants that had outgrown their pots, all while enjoying the camaraderie of getting their hands dirty! Additionally, plant care guides were distributed during the event to enhance awareness and understanding of the various types of plants spread throughout the office.

Earth Day Cleanup | April 22, 2023

Our Green Team organized a litter cleanup for staff in celebration of Earth Day

Platinum Level Environmental Stewardship Target Achievement & Reestablishment | June 2023

Their London office reached the Platinum Environmental Stewardship Target they set in 2020 through Green Economy London, completing 10 projects within three years. Building on this accomplishment, the Green Team opted to set the same target once more. Their aim is to accomplish another 10 projects by 2026.

Pollinator Gardens at Stratford Office | September 2023

Two new pollinator gardens were designed and planted at their Stratford office with the help of members of the London Green Team. Their focus was on carefully selecting plants based on criteria such as flower shape, seasonality, height, and colour. To garner volunteer support, they created an informative poster detailing the significance of pollinators, their role, and the specific plants chosen for the gardens. Over the span of two days, they were thrilled to welcome 25 volunteers, including staff members and students from an eco-club of the local high school.

Reforest London Tree Planting Event | October 13, 2023

For the second consecutive year, they sponsored and participated in a tree planting event with ReForest London, contributing to London’s Million Tree Challenge.

MTE MTE Participating in a Work Place Green Up Garbage Pick Up
MTE and Bluestone MTE and Bluestone Participating in a Tree Planting Event
The Wormery The Wormery
Play Away Play Away's Pollinator Garden