Thank you to everyone who has funded and shared our Give the Gift of Green campaign so far– we are so grateful for your support!

We’ve already raised $725, which is 48% of our total goal! 

Graphic depicts progress to $1,500 goal. The red meter is filled up to the $725 mark.

Throughout the month of December we’ve been calling on our community members (that’s you!) to give a gift that is not "stuff" and instead, directly contributes to environmental education here in London: a donation to the London Environmental Network. 

We believe that education is the foundation of the environmental movement, which is why we launched the Give the Gift of Green campaign to raise funds for a new 2021 webinar series that is accessible to all! Help us reach our goal of $1,500 to run a free, environmental webinar series. Education inspires action, and actions add up to a big impact in London..  

Did you know that this year we’ve had 27 educational events with over 3000 participants?

Graphic reads "this year we've had 27 events with 3528 participants! That's over 5000 hours of education!"

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Green:

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We want to make 2021 the best year yet! Help us reach our goal by making a $21 donation to the London Environmental Network here. 

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Throughout December, anyone who participates in the #GiveTheGiftOfGreen campaign will receive: ✅ holiday e-card, ✅ thank you on our Instagram and Facebook story, and ✅ native seed packet

So treat yourself (or your friends!) to an impactful gift of climate action this year. Through your support, we are mobilizing positive environmental change in London to create a green, just, and resilient city for generations to come.

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Thanks to our community members who supported our Give the Gift of Green Campaign so far this month:

  • Skylar Franke

  • Nicole Braden

  • Beth Whitney

  • Adam Waugh

  • Jason Jordan

  • Laura Wall

  • + 12 anonymous donors!