The votes have been tabulated and Green Communities Canada (GCC) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 Green Community Awards! The awards celebrate excellence in the GCC national network and were presented on 9 May. As a member of GCC, LEN is excited to participate in the annual awards to celebrate national environmental champions.

Among the Resilience Award winners are several London Environmental Network (LEN) Board Members.

Congratulations to Sonja Teichert, Miguel Belcina, Heather Bennett, and Carol Dyck for receiving the Resilience Award for 5+ years of service on LEN's Board of Directors. We are immensely grateful for their leadership and expertise on the LEN Board and Committees to support our work in making London a greener city. 

GCC Award Graphic

Check out the full list of 2024 Green Community Award winners below:

Green Community Member of the Year – Rideau Environmental Action League

Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award – Cindy Toth, Halton Environmental Network

Social Equity Award – Halton Environmental Network

Outstanding Staff Person Award – Lisa Truong, Reep Green Solutions

Youth Engagement Award – Ecosource

Outstanding Board Person – Elanor Waslander, Reep Green Solutions

Resilience Awards

  • Ecosource                                                         45 years
  • Rideau Environmental Action League               35 years
  • EnviroCentre                                                    25 years
  • Oakvillegreen                                                   25 years
  • Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance                        25 years
  • Reep Green Solutions                                       25 years
  • Sustainable Kingston                                        25 years
  • Halton Environment Network                           20 years

5 years

  • Sarah Smouter, Reep Green Solutions
  • Tom Ewart, Reep Green Solutions
  • Michael Gemmell, Reep Green Solutions
  • Becca Robinson, Reep Green Solutions
  • Elanor Waslander, Reep Green Solutions
  • Sonja Teichert, London Environment Network
  • Carol Dyck London Environment Network
  • Miguel Belcina, London Environment Network
  • Heather Bennett, London Environment Network
  • Emily Amon, Green Communities Canada

10 years

  • Britt McKee, Ecosource
  • Colin Umbach, Reep Green Solutions

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Winners receive a certificate and bragging rights for the year.

LEN Board Members from 2023 AGM

Image of LEN Board of Directors at LEN's 2023 Annual General Meeting