When November 23, 2019 at 2:00pm 2 hrs

Learn the secrets of winter cycling in London. It's fun, invigorating, and easier than you think!

Have you ever seen someone out riding a bike on a cold winter day, and wondered "what is that person thinking?" If you get a chance to ask someone who rides year-round, they'll probably tell you that winter is one of their favourite seasons to ride. There's nothing like jumping on a bike on a crisp January morning, and smiling in the sunshine while you ride through the freshly fallen snow. Cycling in the winter can be easy and fun. It's not nearly as difficult as you might imagine, and it's a *great* way to stay active through the cold dark months.

In this ~2 hour session, we'll talk about: -Your bike
-Your clothing
-Route selection
-Community support Bring your questions, we'll have lots of answers, and share experiences from many seasons on the streets!

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