Climate change and biodiversity loss is the number one threat facing our species and planet, and we need to make it the #1 issue this election.

For those living in London Ontario, this summer has been wicked hot. Heat wave after heat wave have rocked the city, and across Canada citizens have had to flee their homes from wildfires and many areas have been hit with drought. Because of climate change, extreme weather has become the new normal. It has never been more important to act to reduce emissions.

We have the power to make the climate crisis the #1 issue for this federal election. We need to see bold and rapid leadership on this crisis, and it's up to citizens to elect candidates that will rise to the challenge.


Ways you can make climate change the #1 issue of this election:

  • Use this template to email the candidates in your riding to tell them you're voting for the environment in this election. Please customize, as individually customized emails are more likely to get read and replied to.

  • Watch the Candidate Meet & Greet event recordings to learn about how candidates are planning to respond to the climate and biodiversity crisis:

  • Learn about what makes a strong climate plan from this Environmental Defence resource.

  • Attend other debates or events and ask the candidates about their response to climate change

  • Post on your social media your reasons for prioritizing the environment in this election. Tag us @londonenvironet and use the hashtag #elxn44 and #climateaction

Elections are just one way we can address the climate crisis. Don't forget that after elections we must demand politicians implement policies and laws that protect the land, give land back to Indigenous land keepers and reduce emissions. Keep in the loop on environmental issues by signing up for our e-newsletter.

Skylar Franke


Executive Director at London Environmental Network