When February 26, 2019 at 8:45am 2 hrs 15 mins

Environmental law is the body of law, policy and practice that regulates the impact of human activities on the environment. The practice of environmental law covers a broad range of activities that affect air, water, land, flora and fauna. And, often, environmental lawyers find themselves embroiled in a world of disputes where science, engineering and environmental law intersect.

During this session, Anand will:

  • provide an overview of environmental law, who regulates the environment, and what liabilities arise in both the regulatory and civil law contexts
  • speak about the lawyer’s role in environmental advocacy in civil lawsuits, defence of prosecutions, and appeals of government orders and approvals
  • briefly examine the role of expert witnesses in environmental advocacy.


  • 8:45am - Arrival & Coffee / Tea
  • 9:00am - Session Starts
  • 10:15am - Discussion
  • 10:50am - Wrap Up

Bio of Speaker:

Anand Srivastava, J.D., B.Sc. (Hons.) is a lawyer at Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP. Anand’s practice focuses on environmental legal advice and environmental litigation. With prior education and experience in environmental toxicology, Anand assists clients to facilitate practical solutions to complex environmental legal issues. Anand works with a wide variety of clients on issues relating to contaminated sites, environmental due diligence, exposure to environmental risks and liabilities, and regulatory compliance. 

Anand’s objective is always to help his clients understand and navigate corporate and personal environmental liabilities including civil claims, regulatory orders, regulatory prosecutions. Anand regularly appears before the Courts and administrative tribunals. Anand prosecutes and defends environmental civil lawsuits. Similarly, Anand also defends clients against environmental regulatory prosecutions and/or appeals regulatory orders to the Environmental Review Tribunal. Anand can be reached at 226-721-5881 or by email at [email protected].