Project Category: Enhancing Waterways

Project Summary:  Garden

The Pollinator Pathways Project has set its sight on creating London’s first large-scale pathway: the Dundas Street Pollinator Pathway. They plan to engage and empower businesses, institutions, and citizens who work and live along Dundas street to plant pollinator gardens either in existing green spaces, or in raised beds on the street or up on roof tops.

The long-term goal will be to create hundreds of stepping-stone pollinator gardens that will stretch from the Forks of the Thames to Western Fair grounds and beyond. While the pollinator pathway will surely add ecological functionality in the midst of a concrete jungle, Pollinator Pathways Project see its greatest value as raising awareness around pollinator health and educating the public on how we can all contribute to that much needed work.

Want to get involved? Contact the Project Leader:

Gabor Sass
[email protected]

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