The Community Impact Award has been presented to Indwell and Climate Action London for their 2021-2022 bikeshare project. The Community Impact Award goes to an organization or community group that implemented a project that benefited the environment and community within the past year. This includes projects supported through the Environmental Action Incubator program from 2021-2022

Indwell is a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and belonging. Over the last two years they have partnered with Climate Action London, a not-for-profit organization that helps businesses and individuals in London reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach or exceed targets set out in the Paris Accord. Together these organizations addressed a common need for transit options for Indwell residents. The bikeshare program provides residents at Woodfield Gate, an apartment complex run by Indwell located in downtown London with access to bikes infrastructure and cycling gear to encourage residents to adopt a low emission travel practice. This project is a great example of how sustainable goals can be realized while simultaneously providing a valuable and under addressed service to a community in need.

The Indwell-Climate Action London Bikeshare program was a great success, with an estimated 68 bike trips taken by tenants for both leisure and travel. The bikes additionally allowed for new possibility of travel to hard-to-reach areas on conventional transit as many of the residents rely on public transportation and walking as their main sources of transportation. The program created connections in the building community between staff and residents and generated replicable strategies and lessons learned that can be applied across other residential buildings to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and build stronger community connections.

Congratulations to Indwell and Climate Action London for contributing to emissions reduction in the London community!