Project Category: Waste Reduction

Project Description: 

The Sustainable Growers of London is a new group of Londoners wanting to learn skills to grow their own food! They got started with seeds and seedlings purchased locally, as well as some topsoil & compost. They are in the process of searching out a few small community garden areas and members will manage these cooperatively. They have use of a small greenhouse, and some members with growing experience will lead the others.

With a core group of members, each of them will bring in friends to events to get the seeds started and to learn a little about this process for success. They are excited to continue tracking their number of new growers, approximate count of food produced, number of trips foraging and visits to local farms & farmers markets.

To celebrate the success of this new group, they hosted a community potluck so members can share produce from their gardens and celebrate the season.

Check out their awesome greenhouse progression with the photos below! (As of May 2023)


How to Support this Project:

  • Follow their brand new Facebook page here: Sustainable Growers of London
  • Attend their community potluck (details above!)
  • Share this page on social media and tell your friends about it!