Come for One, Come for All: Urban Agriculture Home Gardens Tour

Hosted by: Friends of Urban Agriculture 

Visit six very various gardens and gardeners from the northwest to the urban core to the southeast of London. Nothing fancy or show-off -- just a day in the life of the work-in-progress that is anyone's garden.

Here's a preview of the first stop:

You can see the real things at intervals that allow time to stop, stare, chat, and exchange tips and tricks, passions and insights, greatest hits and mistakes with the gardeners before setting off for the next stop.

Since these are home gardens and we need to keep numbers manageable, please send an email to Sheila Wawanash at and she'll send you the time and address for each stop. Then find a ride you can share, pack a lunch, and come for all or just part of this cross-city caravan. See you there, there, or everywhere!

August 03, 2019 at 9am - 5pm

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