Recognizes a member that has implemented projects that reduce and/ or divert waste at their organization.

The Wormery at the Western Fair District

They remove over 70 tons from London waste streams each year for the last few years. They just started their compost college and have already hosted over 300 students of all ages at a variety of events plus in their onsite learning space. They also redesigned their worm-casting packaging to be more sustainable - 100% recyclable.

Playaway Indoor Park

Acquired 3 e-bikes to loan to employees for active and sustainable transport . Implemented a new water fountain with a refillable bottle station. They upgraded their kitchen with a commercial dishwasher to eliminate the lifecycle of single use products in our facility; staff already report at least a 50% reduction in waste. They replaced single use items with vintage mugs, metal cutlery and wheat straw plates and cups. They created two pollinator gardens at the front of their building and maintained their vegetable garden. They acquired two rain barrels to divert water away from the building into the gardens. They implemented new thermostats for induction heaters for better temperature control and to turn off completely when not needed. They continue to turn off arcade breakers at night. Also, they continue to use cigarette butt boxes. And, they will be implementing an owl box.

Bluestone Properties

They implemented a Organics Recycling Program at their Dufferin Corporate Centre. With a heightened focus on energy conservation and efficiency across their residential and commercial properties, they have successfully implemented initiatives aimed at reducing electricity and gas consumption, optimizing operations, and integrating cutting-edge energy-saving technologies. They have also rolled out an Environmental Policy, completed their first GHG reporting. certified 5 building with Energy Star, won the Energy Star Canada Award for 600 Proudfoot Lane. They also sponsored Reforest London for a tree planting event and supported the LOLA Bee Hives.

Bluestone Bluestone Participating in a Tree Planting
Wormery The Wormery
Play Away Play Away's Pollinator Garden