When March 11, 2021 at 6:15pm 2 hrs
Where Online Event

Guide to Heat Pumps Poster

Heat Pumps are a vital technology in the fight against climate change. With efficiency levels of up to 400% they make the best possible use of energy and are available in a surprising range of applications. Heat pumps are the very foundation of a 100% renewable energy system and they will be vital in the coming years as we make the switch from carbon to heat and cool our homes. Buildings use more than one-third of the world’s energy, most of it for heating and cooling. Most figures show we can cut that usage in half and in some cases reach higher efficiencies with the mass adoption of heat pumps.

The presentations during Virtual Green Drinks March: A Practical Guide to Heat Pumps, are designed to bring new solutions to attendees and to promote further discussions around concrete actions we can all take to reduce emissions. Matthew Eglin, President of RightWheel and longtime Green Drinks advocate, will be talking about small heat pumps in the home. He has a lot of experience on the residential front with recent projects at his new home in Picton. He will share his journey with heat pumps along with lessons learned.

Rejean Pleau will be talking about hybrid heat pumps or how to save the world on a100 amp service. He will speak about heat pumps can revolutionize industries and what advancements can we expect to see in the technology. Through his long career, Rejean has had hands-on experience with many technologies including heat pumps and their many uses. He will outline all this during his presentation.

Following Rejean we will hear from Aaron Thornell, Customer & Member Manager over at CoEnergy/OREC. Aaron will be talking about heat pumps in larger buildings. He will look at some larger heat pumps projects and also detail Co-Energy’s role in future deployments. Co-ops will play a key role in the technology and Aaron will outline what he and Co-Energy are doing in this fight.

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Speaker Bios:

Matthew Eglin is a technology consultant and President of Rightwheel Inc. Rightwheel works to reduce the emissions for their clients with a focus on transportation and emission awareness. Matthew is also a Climate Reality Leader (LA, 2018) and is working to #StopBurningStuff. Matthew has served on the board of EVCO for the last 4 years. Matthew and his wife Kathleen, have recently moved to a 19th Century house in Picton and are working to update the house and its systems, this seems to involve money and many cans of spray foam. Matthew and Kathleen are the co-founders of Green Drinks PEC.

Rejean Pleau is a retired senior planning consultant for the federal government. Been retired for 4 years. Graduated as an Electronic Engineering Technologist in 1978. Studied in management and accounting over the years. Became a planning advisor to middle and upper management for various departments. Held director and president roles in two IM/IT regional companies for about 10 years before retiring. Electric vehicle owner for the last 4years. Rejean has been the regional director of the AVEQ Outaouais on a volunteer basis for the last 2 years. Love all stuff scientific and technical.

Aaron Thornell is the Customer & Member Manager at the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative and CoEnergy Ontario Co-operative. These organizations seek to mobilize community capital to realize local sustainability projects, such as deep energy retrofits and solar installations. Through these parallel co-ops, they have financed and developed $8.5 million in carbon emission abating projects in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, solely relying on member investment. Aaron is responsible for project development, member & investor relations, and day-to-day administration of both co-operatives. He is a firm believer that the co-operative model will be at the centre of the low-carbon transition