Are you ready to vote for the environment on October 24th? Voting for leaders that align with our goals and vision for a greener city is one of the most important ways we can effect change at the local level. To help with this, we've compiled some local election resources below.

Municipal Election - October 24

What Do Voters Need to Know? | Essential Information for Voting

City of London - Voter InformationWondering where to go or what you need to bring to vote? Visit the City of London's website page here to find all the information you need to vote on October 24th.


Why Should I Vote? | Learn From London Votes

London Votes

London Votes is a community organization that provides accessible & digestible information for voters of all demographics. By answering questions like "Does my vote matter?" and "What is the role of City Council?", London Votes is the perfect resource for first-time or seasoned voters alike. Be sure to check out their pages on Instagram and Twitter to stay informed. 

Where Does This Candidate Stand on Social and Environmental Issues? | Thriving London Ward Candidate Survey

Thriving London - Survey Results

Thriving London is a community organization that envisions a thriving & inclusive London. They’ve surveyed all mayoral and ward candidates with 11 questions that cover a range of local issues, and compiled their responses into a beginner-friendly resource! Check out the preview above, and make sure to visit the Thriving London website here for full candidate responses and explanations behind each response. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What Do Ward Candidates Have to Say? | All Candidates Meetings

Urban League - All Candidates Meetings

The Urban League of London and partners just wrapped up their All Candidates Meetings for each ward! Learn about where candidates stand on issues like housing, climate change, and active transportation by catching the replays on the Rogers TV YouTube channel here.

We want to remind you of the power of voting, and encourage everyone to make a vote that aligns with their values and vision for a sustainable and thriving London, Ontario. We hope to see ALL eligible voters out there on voting day. If you find these resources helpful, be sure to share them with a friend who needs to vote!