When February 13, 2020 at 5:30pm 1 hr 30 mins

Join Thames Talbot Land Trust for this hands-on educational workshop about Ontario turtle species!

Turtles are living dinosaurs. They have been around for millions of years, surviving whatever changes the world has thrown at them so far. However, all turtle species in Ontario are now considered to be at risk. Why is this happening now? 

Turtle Guardians Level 1 is a family-friendly workshop where you will learn all about turtles and how you can help them.

We will be joined by Sciensational Snakes and you'll get the chance to see actual turtles up close!

Learning objectives at the workshop include:

  • How to identify all 8 species of turtles in Ontario
  • What turtle nests and eggs look like
  • How to help turtles across roads safely
  • How to report your turtle sightings
  • Fun turtle facts

At the end of the event you'll have the chance to take your turtle ID test and become a level 1 Turtle Guardian with a unique ID card.

Level 1 Guardians will also be eligible to attend the level 2 workshop (stay tuned for details).

Snapping Turtle photo by Scott Gillingwater

We are so grateful to Turtles Guardians for providing guidance and resources for this event!

Thank you TD Friends of the Environment for providing funding for this project.

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Event description via Thames Talbot Land Trust