Western University is committed to ensuring sustainability education and promotion is an integral part of students’ daily lives. The University is committed to embedding sustainability into every facet of daily life.

  • As a member of the London community, the University will incorporate responsible practices into all aspects of operations in order to minimize its impact on the environment.
  • As a teacher of the next generation of global leaders, the University will equip students with the knowledge and the tools essential to living a sustainable future.
  • And as a research facility with strong intellectual capacity, the University will investigate pressing issues and propose effective solutions to environmental problems.

Through active citizenship, teaching and research, the University will ensure the health of our planet and its people for the long term.

Organizational Objectives

The Sustainability Team at Western is a group of staff dedicated to embedding sustainability into operations, outreach and academia at Western. They provide assistance and guidance to departments on campus in order to help them achieve their sustainability goals. In addition, they oversee the implementation of various initiatives on campus, ranging from the Green Office Program, to newsletters and informative lunch and learn sessions. Through their work with students, staff and faculty, the Sustainability Team develops and supports projects, policies and initiatives that reduce the consumption of resources and waste outputs, while also contributing towards the betterment of society.

Volunteer Coordinator

Heather Hyde
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