Rose River Picture

This month, we’re highlighting and appreciating Rose, one of our own Board of Directors, for the June environmental volunteer spotlight!

As noted by her nominator, "In the year that Rose has been with LEN, she has contributed tirelessly to helping our organization achieve its mission and vision. Rose has perfect attendance as a Director at Board Meetings. She always comes to the Board Meetings prepared to contribute and ask the vital questions that will ensure LEN is safely and effectively executing its strategic plan." Read on to learn a bit about Rose's passion for the environment and how she gets involved in the community.  

We interviewed Rose and here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself!

"I first became a tree hugger back in the late 90s when I lived on Vancouver Island. Now, science backs up what we innately feel when we walk in the woods: there is a deep sense of well-being that comes from immersion in nature. Since the pandemic hit, I have been really immersed in ... my backyard! As we don't use any pesticides or herbicides in our yard, we have a wonderful small oasis visited by many birds and bees. I cycle to run my errands and love to be on the water paddling one form of craft or another."

Why did you start volunteering with the London Environmental Network? 

"I moved to London in 2017 and was interested in volunteering as a way to make some connections in the community. I was approached by one of LEN's members to consider volunteering with the organization. There were Board positions available and my background in policy development, and experience in HR and financial management was a good fit. I applied and have enjoyed my year on the Board. I am moving back to BC in summer 2021, so my tenure will be cut short from the typical three-year commitment. I plan on volunteering in my new location because that's the way to meet my "tribe" and contribute to the preservation and promotion of healthy ecosystems."

What is a memorable moment you’ve had while volunteering?

"Before the pandemic, my partner and I volunteered with the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, one of the LEN's newest members, as river guides for one of their "Explore the Thames" events. As former river kayak instructors and sea kayak guides, we have deep experience in leading people down rivers. It was a blast to lead a paddle down the Thames. Dr. Adam Yates a river ecologist from Western University was along, and he pointed out the natural flora and fauna that make the Thames river and its banks their home. By all accounts, everyone had a good time navigating small rapids and floating with the current. We all stayed dry! I get tremendous satisfaction in helping people experience the beauty and wonder of our natural world."

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