When August 16, 2018 at 10:00am 5 hrs

Join Zero Waste Forest City and Thames River Rally for learning, cleaning, reflecting, and co-creating. 

People for thousands of years were caring to the local rivers and all the life that depend on it. In the last few decades we've created more pollution to these waters than ever before. 

On August 16th we will do a 2hour clean-up. Then, we will convert all this waste and garbage into art materials for an installation we will be creating for the following month. 


Poet Laureate, Tom Cull, Director of Thames River Rally, will start-off this day. He does monthly river clean-ups and he will prepare us on this endeavour. 

Later in September we will have other events at South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre to reflect deeper about our shared responsibilities on waste and co-create an art installation for Culture Days and River Summit.

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