When June 17, 2020 at 1:00pm 2 hrs 30 mins
Where Online Event London, ON, Canada

This session is part of a 3 part series called Recovery Post COVID-19: Re-entry, Remodel and Rebuild by Pillar Non-Profit Network.

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Re-Entry: Transitioning Your Workplace and Your Work Culture

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Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will be one of the biggest organizational challenges of our time. Organizations across the globe are struggling with a difficult decision: when and how to return to workplaces and how do we create a thriving work culture? 

Unlike other disasters, a global health pandemic does not have a definitive “end” that signals that it’s safe to resume operations.Returning to work after COVID-19 is a complex task that needs a plan to maintain safety, manage resources, and rebuild morale. 

How can we put safety first?
How can we lead through risk?
Who do we bring back onsite, and when?
What do employees need to manage this change?
And what is the board’s role?

In this workshop we will share our journey and what we have learned through our planning for the transition from response to recovery, including the following: 

  • A work plan that is flexible to adapt to evolving recommendations and guidelines 

  • Effective change management 

  • A communications and marketing strategy before, during and after recovery plan

  • Tools for leading through risk

And when it comes to re-entry for work culture:

  • How can you create a safe environment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for all staff, board and volunteers?

  • Importance of understanding staff’s personal situation and their attitudes/perceptions towards health and hygiene in the current climate 

  • What does ongoing, honest and transparent communication look and feel like? 

With this transition we also have an opportunity to reevaluate and/or create what we want our organizations to look and feel like as we transition back. How can you adopt decent work practices to help your organization be better able to meet your mission and contribute to thriving communities?


Event image and description via Pillar Non-Profit Network.