When July 04, 2019 at 5:30pm 2 hrs 30 mins

Hosted byUrban League of LondonLondon Cycle Link and Active Transportation London

Research has shown time and time again that people are happier and cities are safer when we move though the cities slower, when we feel a connection to the spaces that we share and when we get connected with the people around us.
When we work together to design our cities for people we're happier, safer and more prosperous.
Between the new dedicated cycle lanes and Dundas Place we can see tangible results of the collaboration between residents, businesses and city planners. Now the City is looking for citizen input on slower speed limits in residential neighbourhoods and methods of enhanced enforcement, steps already being taken by cities around the world to make cities safer for all of us.
What are the strategies and tactics that we can leverage to keep this momentum? What are the policies that we need to champion to build a more active, safer, happier city? What lessons can we learn from other cities like London?
Join us as we partner with London Cycle Link and Active Transportation London to discuss how we build a people friendly city.