Did you know the London Environmental Network is governed by a Board of Directors? The Board of Directors is responsible for providing our organization's direction, strategic plans, and policies to realize our vision of transforming London into one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada. Our Board of Directors are a group of enthusiastic, passionate, and influential leaders that are committed to creating positive environmental change in London, and we want you to meet them! 

We asked our Board members to answer what inspires them about London's environmental sector and what factors will support London's transformation into one of the greenest and most resilient cities, check out what they said below:

What is one of the key factors that you personally feel will most contribute to London becoming one of the greenest cities?

Sonja Teichert HeadshotSonja Teichert
"I've had the honour to serve as London Environmental Network's Vice-chair and now Chair; our staff are so dedicated, passionate and hardworking. Through these roles, I've been inspired by the London environmental nonprofit sector's eagerness to come together and share. It is the collaboration among these organizations, and the growing convergence of efforts by nonprofits, business, and local government that I feel will be one of the key factors in London becoming one of the greenest cities."

Brennan Vogel HeadshotBrennan Vogel
"The potential for leadership across the spectrum, civic commitment and political will to address the climate crises inclusively and equitably is essential to London becoming a leading green city regionally and nationally."

Ann-Marie Cooper HeadshotAnne-Marie Cooper
"I believe the ease of accessibility to sustainable options is a key factor that will contribute to London becoming one of the greenest cities; the sustainable choice has to be the easiest choice. For example, making it easier for people to get around in environmentally friendly transportation like walking or biking as opposed to driving."

Carol Dyck HeadshotCarol Dyck
"I believe that re-thinking urban design - prioritizing safe and convenient active and mass transportation systems, opting for density over sprawl, preserving and enhancing natural areas -will make London a truly green city."

Heenal Rajani HeadshotHeenal Rajani
"I am struck by the strong spirit of collaboration in London’s environmental sector, a sense that we are all in this together, a willingness to experiment and discover new solutions. I’m excited to see the role that the London Environmental Network plays in nurturing this spirit and creating the conditions for ever more co-creation and impact!"

What about London's environmental sector inspires you?

Heather Schulz HeadshotHeather Schulz
"The ever growing community surrounding environmental action and sustainability in London is inspiring to see.  The London Environmental Network does a wonderful job bringing together like-minded individuals and businesses to work towards positive environmental change, and I look forward to seeing what will be accomplished as involvement in this sector continues to grow."

Kaitlin Richardson HeadshotKaitlin Richardson
"I would have to say that the London environmental sector inspires me by the way that folks light up when they start talking about what they do. Volunteers and environmental professionals I've met in the sector care so deeply; and are always willing to help and dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to their cause."

Nicholas Rothernel HeadshotNicholas Rothernel
"I feel inspired by the sense of community and togetherness that I feel when looking at and being a part of the London environmental sector. In all parts of the city and in all environmental avenues, I can feel a growing voice of togetherness that is driven by all the small independent movements that individual citizens, businesses and government groups are taking to speak out, take action, and work towards building London into one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada."

Nadine Castonguay HeadshotNadine Castonguay
"London's environmental sector inspires me because I think that large-scale change can only be achieved when we come together and work as a team and this is exactly how London's environmental sector operates. All organizations that work to mitigate climate change are connected through the London Environmental Network and their efforts are conversely strengthened because of a unified and amplified voice."

Jen Mills HeadshotJen Mills
"I’m inspired by the amazing creativity and collaboration shown by environmental groups in London."


Miguel Belcina HeadshotMiguel Belcina
"What inspires me the most is seeing all the different environmentally focused groups who are a part of London Environmental Network, each with their own unique perspectives that will help drive London to become one of the greenest and resilient cities in Canada."

Callista Ryan HeadshotCallista Ryan
"I am constantly inspired by London's environmental sector as there are so many community members who work so hard to lead many different environmental organizations. While there are so many different ways to get involved in the sector, all efforts contribute to the common goal of making London a greener city."