Make London Transit FREE! Rally & March

Join us for a Rally/March to make our voices heard! Kansas City just made all public transit free and we can too!

As the cost of living rises, it is the most vulnerable & marginalized that pay the price. Public transit is a right for the citizens in our city! Free transit promotes a more environmentally conscious and socially inclusive place to live.

We will be serving free plant-based/vegan food & warm drinks. Music & face painting!

Meet at Richmond/Dundas in front of the Starbucks/LTC office building. We will have some speakers, poetry reading & chants. We will march around downtown & Victoria park and then convene back at the starting point for some food and drinks!


Read more about this event on Facebook here.

Image and event description via Reimagine Co.

December 23, 2019 at 3pm - 5pm

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