When November 29, 2019 at 3:00pm 2 hrs

The climate crisis is an emergency. Join millions of people in cities around the world as part of the Global Climate Strike called by Greta Thunberg.

On September 20th, over 350 Londoners walked out of their schools and workplaces and assembled outside City Hall.

On September 27th, there were 3000 of us! An impromptu march took the bulk of the group up Richmond, west on Oxford, down Wharncliffe, and back to City Hall.

If you weren’t there, sorry you missed it! See our media page for press reports, photos and videos:

How many people will show up on November 29th? Will you be one of them?

Visit the London Ontario Climate Strike - 29 November 2019 Facebook Event here.


London's City Council admirably voted in April 2019 to declare a Climate Emergency. Now it’s up to us, the people who elected them, to show our councillors how important action on the environment is to us. And to show them how important it is that the City takes real action now - so that declaring a “climate emergency” is not just words, but actually shifts policy, priorities and resources.

Fighting climate breakdown is about much more than emissions and scientific metrics – it’s about fighting for a just and sustainable world that works for all of us. If we are going to fight for this, we need everyone!

COME JOIN US! Together we are powerful.
Outside City Hall every Friday from 3-5pm.
Everyone is welcome - please bring your kids! No need to bring anything - just show up :)

If you'd like to help organize future climate-action events in London, join our Facebook organizing group:
or fill out this form to stay in touch:

Can you help in any of the following ways?
* Please help us to stick up posters & spread the word on social media (Share share share! Don’t be shy!!!)
* Can you play music, juggle, dance, bring cupcakes, fruit, anything else?
* Would your organisation or group like to be an official supporter of London Ontario Climate Strike? Let us know and we will add you as a "co-host" of the Facebook event.

Send us a message today! We are looking forward to hearing from you :) This movement will only grow if we each step forward and offer what we have, if we each offer our gifts, whatever they may be. Together we are powerful! Together we can achieve climate justice and a more just world for all.


For more info about the global climate strike, please visit: https://globalclimatestrike.net

Image and event description via Climate Strike London Ontario & Reimagine Co