The Londoner recently wrote about LEN's work with Green Economy Canada to develop a hub in London. Read an excerpt from the article below!

"London Environmental Network is currently in the throws of establishing a new arm through collaboration with Green Economy Canada, which is designed to assist London-based companies in establishing and implementing target-based sustainability programs. Its design will compliment offerings the London Environmental Network already has in place, but will target for-profit and social enterprise businesses. [The program in development, Green Economy London, will function as a network of businesses working to set and achieve sustainability targets.] 

[The London Environmental Network and representatives from Green Economy Canada] have met with 25 local businesses, gleaning their input on the type of programming they would like to see. “Really what we will be doing is helping businesses to develop action plans to achieve environmental targets,” says Franke.

Key areas of focus are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing corporate recycling programs (including organics), and improving transit options. “Easy changes include providing incentives for staff to walk, cycle or take public transit to work and changing up lighting to LED,” says Franke. But she says a comprehensive plan, starting with a baseline audit, is the process that creates the most efficient change.

Green Economy London is slated to launch in early 2019."

Read the full article here. You can also read a story about our work with Green Economy Canada in developing a local Hub here.