When April 25, 2018 at 6:30pm 2 hrs 30 mins


Three panelists from London environmental organizations sharing their experiences organizing and running environmental campaigns. Whether you hope to achieve policy change, more funding or more community support for a project, these local leaders will help and inspire you by sharing their stories about making change in London.

Each speaker will speak for 10-15 minutes about their environmental campaign and then we will follow up with Q&A after each for about 10 minutes.


6:30pm - Networking and Mingling

7:00pm - Hearing from our 3 speakers (10-15 minutes each) + Q&A

8:15pm - Wrap up & one-on-one questions for speakers

Speakers and Topics:

Mobilizing Londoners to Speak For Trees 
Sheila Creighton (ReForest London)

In 2015, it became evident that London’s City Council was not even contemplating budgeting money toward implementing the approved Urban Forest Management Strategy. Knowing that time was of the essence with tree planting in the Forest City, ReForest London quickly mounted an advocacy campaign to mobilize Londoners, who understood the importance of starting the Strategy’s implementation, to speak up. It was a long shot, but we had to try for the sake of the future.

Sheila Creighton is a communications & marketing professional with 20+ years’ experience in promoting something of value to people in the arts, heritage, tourism, healthcare and environmental sectors. A graduate of the highly regarded Media Arts program at Sheridan College, Sheila has worked for many non-profits and government, developing strategies, new projects and engaging promotions. A member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Sheila is a published author of several history books and a professional photographer with a daily photoblog.

Bikes on Dundas 
Seth Climans (London Cycle Link)
Seth Climans spends his days (and some nights) working as a resident physician. When not in the hospital, he enjoys cycling, running, and canoeing around this city. He became involved in the #BikesOnDundas campaign during his year on the London Cycle Link Board of Directors. Now, he is trying to spread the gospel of Dundas Street protected bike lanes to anyone who will listen.

Sharing Council of Canadians Work on Water
Julie Picken-Cooper (London Chapter of the Council of Canadians)
Julie is an environmental activist, the local Water Chair for Council of Canadians and teacher. Picken-Cooper was originally inspired to focus on the environment in her work after hearing Maude Barlow speak at her convocation from Althouse College at the University of Western Ontario. She has worked on many environmental campaigns and enjoys combining art and activism in her work.

The Council of Canadians is a leader in fights to protect Canada’s freshwater sources. Their campaign work focuses on recognizing water as part of a shared commons. Water is a human right and as such, must be protected from privatization, pollution and bulk exports. They are campaigning to protect the Great Lakes from pollution, misuse and government neglect. They are working to stop fracking, a natural gas extraction process that uses and pollutes massive volumes of water. They encourage community empowerment and involvement through our “Blue Communities Project.”