When March 27, 2019 at 1:30pm 3 hrs
Over the course of the next month, there will be three Fruit Tree Pruning Workshops delivered across London thanks to various partners and community members.  Take advantage of these free, hands-on learning experiences that will help you ensure the survival and improve the health of your fruit trees. All you need is a desire to learn, and your own set of pruners if you have them.

No registration is necessary, but some of the workshops have Facebook events that you can check out (see below).

Here are the details:

 Date  Time  Location  Sign Up
 Saturday, March 16  10:00am  Cedar Hollow Orchard
 Killarney Road just east of  Highbury Road N
 Sign up here
 Saturday, March 16  2:00pm  Wood Street Park Food Forest
 46 Wood Street
 No registration required.
 Wednesday, March 27  1:30pm  London Food Bank
 926 Leathorne Street
 Sign up here

These workshops are being held by citizen volunteers interested in ensuring healthy fruit is readily accessible, and who recognize that by localizing fruit/food production, we reduce our environmental impacts.

Will you come?