Food Production Within our Urban Forests

Food Production Within our Urban Forests -  A Strategy to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change
Interest and demand is growing, so as to localize fruit & nut production.  As a result people are taking action! Both the city of London & ReForest London have funded fruit tree give aways and the establishment of orchards & food forests on public lands.

Food Forests:
Wood St. Park 
West Lions Park

King's University College at Western- Student & ReForest London project
London Food Bank - ReForest London & London Food Bank project

The following orchards planted in 2017 were community driven and are located next to the following community gardens:  See here for more info. 
Carling Heights 
Meredith Park (annual tree planting since 2014)
University Heights

Forage City London Adopted a Mature Orchard located off Killaly Rd (south east of Fanshawe Park Rd & Highbury).

If you live near one of these projects and this is your passion, interest & skill set - please join in so as to maximize the harvest & success! A lot of information on these Food Forests is available on the Facebook group Friends of Urban Agriculture London. Follow this page to stay in the loop - or start your own community Food Forest.

When we give food, we feed people for that day or short period of time.  When we teach people to plant & nurture sustainable food systems,  we  feed people for a lifetime.

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