Ever since Macklemore came around rapping about the joys of thrifting, it feels like it’s become more of a “trendy” activity. Good news is, though, he’s really onto something. Thrifting is not only cool but also a much more sustainable way of getting new clothes than buying new every time. Plus, it’s way better for your wallet. 

Some companies put a huge focus on the materials they use and the processes involved, others do not. Unfortunately, we often see that the better the quality, the higher the price. So, what are some tips for supporting sustainable clothing while keeping costs affordable?

Sustainable Fashion Definitions

The Classic: Three R’s (+2)

Reduce.  Try to cut down on the size of your wardrobe. Having some really good staples and accessories can let you feel fresh and fancy without needing as many full outfit options. Find quality items that last years, instead of months.

Reuse. Buy used clothing. Go to clothing swaps. Trade with friends. Pass things along to younger siblings. 

Recycle. When getting rid of holey clothes, try finding a textile recycling depot. These depots can often use old material for acoustic insulation or convert into new items. 

Re-purpose. If your clothes have worn out too much to donate, turn them into rags or scraps for crafts

Repair. A lot of holes and tears can be fixed with some simple stitching or patches. See if things can be fixed first, then you can keep your favourite pair of pants around a little longer!

Last Tips

  • Fabrics to look for: linen, cotton, wool
  • Quality over Quantity. I know it’s tempting to buy that cute top for $3, but check the quality of it. If it’s going to tear in a week, is it really worth it? Thrifting can help cut costs of the better quality items. 
  • Make shopping fun. Sometimes it takes a little longer to sort through the racks when you’re shopping second-hand, but bring a friend. See who can find the best deal on a good fabric. See if you can find your favourite brands. 
  • Don’t buy it just because it’s a good deal. It’s easy to get caught up in the great low prices, but remember that we don’t really want to increase the size of our collection. Try donating an old item every time you need a new one and let someone else enjoy the clothes you don’t wear as much anymore. 

Take a photo of you this week thrifting, wearing thrifted or long lasting clothing to win a gift card from Goodwill! Or, comment an interesting article about the environmental effects of the clothing industry 

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Image from: The Well Essentials