Apartments and condos have less outside wall area, and because of this have great efficiency potential. Save on Energy has some tips and tricks for easily reducing your energy consumption in a condo or apartment. 

If you are a tenant in a building that could use some energy efficiency upgrades, start a conversation with your landlord. Here are some ideas to get started

  • Ask about installing a programmable or smart thermostat 
  • Adding caulking and sealant around windows and doors 
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Replacement of old appliances with newer energy efficient models

There are mutual benefits for landlords and tenants when rental properties get an energy efficiency upgrade. These upgrades can help to lower the cost of heating and cooling the building, reduce drafts, improve comfort, and even increase market value.

A promising new technology for this sector includes retrofitting existing electric baseboard heating for heat pumps. Heat pump retrofits represent a significant opportunity to conserve electricity, reduce carbon emissions and reduce operating costs, while promoting tenant comfort and safety. Here is a recent case study that took place in Brantford Ontario.